Flora Ann Bynum Medal

Dean Norton and Bill Welch, 2016 recipients of the Flora Ann Bynum medal

The Flora Ann Bynum Medal is awarded by the Southern Garden History Society occasionally to recipients who have rendered outstanding service to the Society. Nominations may be made at any time by any member. The nomination should contain a cover letter outlining the service to Southern Garden History Society, contributions, and accomplishments of the nominee, as well as the names and addresses of at least three other people knowledgeable of the nominee. Nominations should be sent to the Society President. The Executive Committee will make a recommendation to the Board of Directors, who must approve the award. The award will usually be presented at the Annual Meeting.

Winners of the Flora Ann Bynum Medal:

William C. Welch (2016)
J. Dean Norton (2016)
Gail Griffin (2014)
Peter J. Hatch (2012)
Peggy Cornett (2008)
Flora Ann Bynum (2005)


Honorary Directors

The title Honorary Director (Board of Directors) may be bestowed on individuals who have rendered exceptional service and made significant contributions to the society. The distinction is usually given to individuals who have served as officers or Board members for a number of years or to others whose long-term work and devotion have significantly advanced the society’s mission, goals, and objectives. Honorary Directors enjoy the rights and privileges described in the bylaws. Nominations for Honorary Director are made to the President by current Board members and are approved by the Board of Directors.

Honorary Directors are:
Dr. A. Jefferson Lewis, III
Kenneth M. McFarland
Ben Page
Mary Anne Pickens
Jane Campbell Symmes
Dr. William C. Welch


Certificate of Merit

The Certificate of Merit is presented to a member or non-member whose work has advanced the mission and goals of the society. The certificate may be for a body of work or for an individual project including, but not limited to, restoration of a garden, leadership in a project relevant to the society’s interests, research, or publications. Requests for Certificates of Merit should be sent to the President and should include a cover letter and supporting documentation. Awarding of Certificates of Merit will be approved by the Board of Directors and will usually be announced at the annual meeting.

Winners of the Certificate of Merit:

Catherine Howett receives the Award of Merit 2015. From left: Susan Hitchcock, Carleton Wood, Catherine Howett, Lee Dunn, Staci Catron
Catherine Howett receives the Certificate of Merit 2015. From left: Susan Hitchcock, Carleton Wood, Catherine Howett, Lee Dunn, Staci Catron

Catherine Howett (2015)
Frances D. Inglis (2014)
Marion Drummond (2013)
Davyd Foard Hood (2012)
Jim Cothran (2011)
Margaret Bemiss (2010)
Weej Broderson (2010)
Patti McGee (2010)
Jane White (2010)



Society Scholarships assist students in attending the society’s Annual Meeting and are awarded to bona fide students enrolled in college and university majors relevant to the mission and goals of the society. For more information about applying, click here.

Scholarship recipients:

Perky Beisel, Stephen F. Austin State University (2017)
Gavin Howell, American College of the Building Arts (2017)
Sylvia McLaurin, Mississippi State University (2017)
Arianne Wolfe, University of Georgia (2017)
Nathan Dittman, University of Georgia (2016)
Thomas Baker, University of Georgia (2015)
Sehba Imtiaz, University of Maryland (2015)
Isaac Kirwan, Spartanburge Community College (2015)
Paul Cady, University of Georgia (2014)
Adam Martin, University of Georgia (2014)
LeeAnne Brooks, Boston Architectural College (2013)
J. Brad Goshorn, Clemson University (2013)
Cheryl Miller, Boston Architectural College (2013)
Leslie Bird, University of Mary Washington (2012)
Mollie Bogle, Georgia State University (2012)
Fiona McAnally, University of Tennessee (2012)
Raffi Andonian, University of Georgia (2011)