Southern Garden History Society recognizes those members who have joined at the Benefactor, Patron and Sustainer levels during the 2017-2018 fiscal year (as of July 22, 2018):


Eddie & Kay Aldridge
Mr. Jeff Allen
Dr. & Mrs. William Barrick
Ms. Jennifer Beisel
Mrs. Lee C. Dunn
Mr. and Mrs. Frank E. Foster, Jr.
Mr. Richard Gibbs and Mr. Randolph Harelson
Dr. and Mrs. James Haltom
Hills & Dales Estate
Dr. and Mrs. David R. & Melanie Kleinpeter Hubbs
Evelyn and Michael Jefcoat
Mr. and Mrs. James Klingler
Mrs. Carolyn L. Newbern
Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin Page, Jr.
Davidson A. Perry-Miller
Paula and Mike Rushing
Mary V. and Frank C. Watson
Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Weisner
Mr. Zachary Westall


Mr. Wayne R. Amos and Mr. Charles A. Hunnicutt
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Byrd
Ms. Alleen Cater
Ms. Staci Catron
Mr. R. Jerry Coates & Dr. Courtney M. Carter
Dr. & Mrs. James T. Coy
Mrs. Mary Hart Darden
Mr. and Mrs. David B. Epstein
Mrs. Mollie C. Fair
Mr. & Mrs. Richard D. Gore
Paula P. James
Barbara and Richard Powell
Mr. Robert Schofield III
Ms. Andrea Sprott
Ms. Winifred Stakely
Mr. John Sykes & Mr. John Carpenter
Ms. Suzanne L. Turner
Ms. Marjorie L. White


Anne and Herschel Abbott
Frank Alley
Ms. Sally Barnett
Mr. and Mrs. Amos T. Beason
Dr. & Mrs. Thomas Peter Bennett
Margaret Bok, MD
Ms. Elaine H. Bolton
Debbie and Tom Brewer
Mr. & Mrs. Dan Bruhl
Mr. James T. Buckley
Mrs. James T. Buckley
Mr. Paul Callaway
Ms. Marsha Cannon
Dr. Frances Carter
Mr. and Mrs. Gordon W. Chappell
B. and Coates Clark
Mrs. Linda L. Consolvo
Peggy Cornett & Chris Morash
Ms. Kimberlee Cory
Ms. Patricia S. Dickinson
Dr. Tom Digges & Ms. Lana Ingram
Ms. Deborah J. Getter
Ms. Sally Godfrey
Jackie Grant
Mr. & Mrs. William G. Gray
Ms. Marion Groover
Mary Beth Hagood
Ms. Barbara Hall
Ms. Joan Haskell
Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Hays
Mr. Robert Hicks
Ms. Jennie Hodge
Mrs. Gail Hunnicutt
Ms. Carol Innes
Sue P. John
Mr. & Mrs. Andrew D. Kohr
Mrs. Ione Coker Lee
Anne Legett
Jeff and Karen Lewis

Ms. Diane Lowe
Ms. Catherine P. Madden
Ms. Patricia Marquardt
Drs. Arthur and Elizabeth Mazyck
Ms. Cynthia C. McNamara
Ms. Beth B. Mercier
Don and Mary Parkhouse
Kathleen and Charles Perilloux
Mr. and Mrs. William R. Pickens
Ms. Mary F. Pietan
Mr. and Mrs. Charles L. Reed, Jr.
Ms. Mary Jane Ridgway
Ms. Mollie Ridout
Mr. Harry A. Rissetto
Ms. Betsy Robinson
Cindy & Gene Robinson
Ms. Marianne Salas
Mr. Paul Davis Saylors
Ms. Merrie Schippereit & Mr. Harold Yaffe
Ms. Judith Sear
Mr. Steven R. Smith
Da Gin Alston Stewart
Ms. Judith B. Tankard
Milton & Twila Tate
Mr. & Mrs. John R. Thelin
Lee Threadgill
Ms. Katherine F. Van Allen
Cecile Wardlaw
Mr. Sam Watters
Mr. John B. Welch
Dr. & Mrs. William C. Welch
Jane B. and Kenneth S. White
Mrs. Eugenia N. White
Mr. and Mrs. Jon Wickwire
Ms. Camilla Wilcox and Dr. Sidney C. Teague II
Mr. and Mrs. David Wilhelm
Mr. and Mrs. A.C. Wilson, Jr.