Triebel Garden, Old Salem

The Southern Garden History Society (SGHS) was founded in 1982 by a small group of garden historians in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. They envisioned a society to foster research, study, and a greater appreciation of historic landscapes and gardens across the South. From its modest beginnings, SGHS has prospered for more than forty years, thanks to the hard work, dedication, and commitment of many people.
The founders of SGHS were William Lanier Hunt of Chapel Hill, John Baxton Flowers III of Hendersonville, and Flora Ann Bynum of Winston-Salem.


The founding board members were:

Flora Ann Bynum, Winston-Salem, NC
Pled Duncan Callicott, Franklin, TN
Hugh Graham Dargan, Atlanta, GA
John B. Flowers III, Hendersonville, NC
Glenn L. Haltom, Natchez, MS
Catherine M. Howett, Atlanta, GA
William Lanier Hunt, Chapel Hill, NC
Florence P. Griffin, Atlanta, GA
Peter Edward Martin, Elsah, IL
Geraldine Meaders Moncrief, Monroe, NC
Gerald Shirley Powers, Houston, TX
David H. Rembert, Jr., Columbia, SC
Anne St. Clair Wright, Annapolis, MD


SGHS held its first annual meeting in April 1983 in Atlanta, Georgia. The annual meeting is held each spring in a different location in the South for the purposes of studying the garden and landscape history of that region, creating further interest in garden history and restoration in the area, and stimulating interchange of information and ideas among members.
In 2022, SGHS celebrated its fortieth anniversary and published a commemorative program for the annual meeting.
SGHS began publishing Magnolia, a periodic journal, in 1984. The first edition noted the significance of the chosen name:
What more appropriate name for a newsletter of the Southern Garden History Society than Magnolia. Early naturalists visiting our southern states exulted in the beauty and majesty of this imposing evergreen tree native only to the region. Among all of our indigenous plants, Magnolia grandiflora has through the years come to be regarded uniquely as a symbol for the South.
In the ensuing years, Magnolia has published many scholarly articles on historic gardens and landscapes and restoration efforts throughout the South. It has served as a valuable resource for scholars, libraries, and our members.

Past Presidents

Pled Duncan Callicott, 1983
John B. Flowers III, 1984-1986
Catherine M. Howett, 1986-1988
Edgar G. Givhan II, 1988-1990
Harriet H. Jansma, 1990-1992
Florence P. Griffin, 1992-1994
Benjamin G. Page, Jr., 1994-1996
William C. Welch, 1996-1998
Peter J. Hatch, 1998-2000
Kenneth M. McFarland, 2000-2002
Gordon W. Chappell, 2002-2004
James R. Cothran, 2004-2006
Mary Anne Pickens, 2006-2008
A. Jefferson Lewis III, 2008-2010
J. Dean Norton, 2010-2012
Staci L. Catron, 2012-2014
Carleton Wood, 2014-2016
Susan Haltom, 2016-2018
John Sykes, 2018-2020
Perry Mathewes, 2020-2022
Randy Harelson 2022-2024