Southern Garden History Society regularly publishes events held by nonprofits and organizations that are of interest to our members. These events include symposiums, lectures and tours that provide participants with a greater appreciation of garden history and restoration.

Requests for listings in our events calendar should be sent to Peggy Cornett, Magnolia editor.


March 4, 2021.  Dumbarton Oaks hosts a Zoom meeting, “Where Was Jim Crow? Living in Frank Lloyd Wright’s America.”  Dianne Harris illuminates architect Frank Lloyd Wright’s role in the history of the divided and segregated American city. Visit:

March 11-14, 2021.   “Growing Resilience.”  The Friends of Birmingham Botanical Gardens is pleased to announce the return of our popular Native Plant Conference! Recognized as one of the Southeast’s premier native plant events, this biennial conference highlights the amazing resilience that native plants provide in our gardens. Visit Birmingham Botanical Garden:

March 19, 2021. Dumbarton Oaks Virtual Webinar, “Humanistic Uses of Herbaria.” This online webinar focuses on the history and contemporary relevance of herbarium collections, and the importance of herbaria to science and conservation. The webinar explores the humanistic angles by engaging with history, the history of the book, art history, and contemporary art, thus placing the discussion at the intersection of the arts and sciences. Visit:

March (various dates).  Cherokee Garden Library will be hosting a variety of spectacular events.  Click here for Event List.

March (various dates).  Sarah P. Duke Gardens hosts a wide variety of events.  Click here for Event List.

March (various dates).  Elizabeth Lawrence House and Garden is hosting a variety of events.  Click her for Calendar of Events.

March(various dates).  Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center will be hosting a variety of events.  Click here for Calendar of Events.

March (various dates).  Founders Memorial Garden will be hosting a variety of events.  Click here for Calendar of Events.

Now through August 1, 2021. Exhibition at the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts (VMFA): “Virginia Arcadia: The Natural Bridge in American Art,” explores the artistic portrayal of this spectacular 400-million-year-old geological formation and natural landmark. Museum is located at 200 N. Arthur Ashe Blvd., Richmond, VA 23220. Visit:


April 2, 2021 – New York Botanical Garden will be hosting a digital webinar, “Celebrating Daffodils.” This webinar will be tracing the history of the daffodil from Europe to the United States—and its popularity in the American garden—horticultural specialist Sara Van Beck will highlight the propagation and preservation of Narcissus.

April 29  –  June 10, 2021. Dumbarton Oaks Virtual Webinar,  “Land Back: Indigenous Landscapes of Resurgence and Freedom.”  In this symposium, speakers highlight the many ways Indigenous peoples understand and practice land relations for political resurgence and freedom across the Americas.  Visit:

April 17-24, 2021. Historic Garden Week in Virginia, “The Path Forward.” This year’s event will include thirty unique tours organized and hosted by forty-eight member clubs located from the foothills of the Shenandoah Valley to the beaches of Tidewater, showcasing the full range of Virginia’s landscapes and gardens.  Contact: Karen Cauthen Ellsworth, State Director:, (804) 644-7776 or

April 22-25, 2021. Colonial Williamsburg’s 74th Annual Garden Symposium, “Celebrate Planet Earth: Giving Back with our Gardens.”  This year’s virtual event features national gardening television host, Joe Lamp’l, professor and researcher, Doug Tallamy, and David Mizejewski, spokesperson for the National Wildlife Federation. Award winning authors Anne Spafford and Nancy Lawson will discuss creating successful gardens for pollinators and other wildlife.  Email: or visit:


May 10–28, 2021.  Dumbarton Oaks hosts an Intensive three-week workshop, “Public Landscapes and Public Health: An Inquiry into the Histories of Landscape Design.”  This workshop focuses on issues of public health and democracy, for PhD and MLA candidates. Apply by March 15. Visit:


June 5-13, 2021. Philadelphia Flower Show. The nation’s largest and longest-running horticultural event will move outdoors for the first time, making the 2021 show a history-making experience that will incorporate the beautiful Fred Law Olmsted landscape of FDR Park in Philadelphia. Visit: