Southern Garden History Society recognizes, with deep appreciation, those members who have joined at the Benefactor, Patron and Sustainer levels during the 2020-2021 fiscal year.


Dr. & Mrs. Thomas Peter Bennett
Ms. Suzanne Bizzell
Mrs. Frances Jean Browning
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Byrd
Ms. Alleen Cater
Mrs. Lee C. Dunn
Dr. and Mrs. James Haltom
Mr. J. Randolph Harelson
Mr. Malcolm Mounger and Mr. Ronald Harrell
Dr. and Mrs. David R. & Melanie Kleinpeter Hubbs
Mr. and Mrs. Frank E. Foster, Jr.
Ms. Carolyn Lindsay
Ms. Andrea Sprott
Mr. John Sykes
Milton & Twila Tate
Mrs. Terry S. Tosh


Mr. and Mrs. Sonny Adkins
Ms. Cynthia Birdsall
Ms. Elaine H. Bolton
Mr. & Mrs. Charles Bradberry
Mr. and Mrs. Gordon W. Chappell
Ms. Kimberlee Cory
Mrs. Mary Hart Darden
Mr. and Mrs. David B. Epstein
Mr. & Mrs. Richard D. Gore
Mr. & Mrs. William G. Gray
Mr. Robert Hicks
Ms. Teresa Hood
Mr. Wayne R. Amos and Mr. Charles A. Hunnicutt
Ms. M. B. Hunt
Mr. Robert Schofield III
Ms. Louise D. Jamail
Mr. Perry Mathewes
Ms. Catherine Merkel
Kathleen and Charles Perilloux
Ms. Suzanne L. Turner
Mrs. Paula Smith and John B. Welch
Mrs. Eugenia N. White


Ms. Katherine F. Van Allen
Curtis and Gail Bean
Sally Guy Brown
Mr. & Mrs. Dan Bruhl
Mr. Paul Callaway
Dr. Frances Carter
Mr. and Mrs. Gordon W. Chappell
B. and Coates Clark
Ms. Malinda M. Coleman
Mr. and Mrs. Cornelius Crusel
Mr. John W. Cullum
Yolande Dobbs
Ms. Ann Erickson
Jeff Lewis and Karen Gardner
Ms. Deborah J. Getter
Jackie Grant
Mr. & Mrs. William G. Gray
William and Gail Griffin
Mary Beth Hagood
Ms. Barbara Hall
Mr. Malcolm Mounger and Mr. Ronald Harrell
Ms. Evelyn Helfrick
Ms. Susan L. Hitchcock
Mr. and Mrs. Richard D. Holland
Ms. Alice Hood
Mrs. Katherine Howe
Mr. Wayne R. Amos and Mr. Charles A. Hunnicutt
Mrs. Gail Hunnicutt
Ms. Louise D. Jamail
Sue P. John
Ms. Jennifer Kelley
Mr. & Mrs. Andrew D. Kohr
Mrs. Ione Coker Lee
Dr. Laura L’Herisson
Bruce and Susan Lueck
Ms. Catherine P. Madden
Ms. Patricia Marquardt

Drs. Arthur and Elizabeth Mazyck
Mrs. Alicia McShulkis
Mrs. Tim Metzler
Peggy Cornett & Chris Morash
Ms. Ellen More
Ms. Carter Morris
Ms. Dianne Neal
Ms. Mary Owen
Don and Mary Parkhouse
Mr. and Mrs. William R. Pickens
Barbara and Richard Powell
Mrs. Macon Riddle
Mr. Hill Riddle
Ms. Mollie Ridout
Mr. Harry A. Rissetto
Ms. Beverly Rivers
Sara and Michael Roberts
Ms. Elizabeth Robinson
Ms. Suzanne E. Rothwell
Ms. Marianne Salas
Mr. Steven R. Smith
Ms. Winifred L. Stakely
Jewell Steele
Jamie Stephenson
Ms. Antoinette Moore-Stone
Ms. Anne Strachan
Mrs. Judith B. Tankard
Kathlyn and Derek Wade
Ms. Catherine Pannell & Mr. Robert Waters
Dr. & Mrs. William C. Welch
Mr. Michael Whaley
Mrs. Eugenia N. White
Mr. and Mrs. David Wilhelm
Mr. and Mrs. Sidney H. Williams
Ms. Harriet P.S. Williams
Ms. Merrie Schippereit & Mr. Harold Yaffe