Southern Garden History Society recognizes, with deep appreciation, those members who have joined at the Benefactor, Patron and Sustainer levels during the 2021-2022 fiscal year.


Mr. Jeff Allen, JALA Jeff Allen Landscape Architecture
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Byrd
Ms. Alleen Cater
Mrs. Lee C. Dunn
Mr. and Mrs. Frank E. Foster, Jr.
Dr. and Mrs. James Haltom
Mr. J. Randolph Harelson and Richard Gibbs
Gale and Connie Higgs, Nashville Landscape Systems Inc.
Evelyn and Michael Jefcoat
Mr. and Mrs. James Klingler
Mr. Christian Mounger and Mr. Ronald Harrell
Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin Page, Jr., Page Landscape LLC
Mrs. Judy B. Perry
Milton & Twila Tate
Kathlyn and Derek Wade, Carolina Nursery LLC
Dr. & Mrs. William C. Welch


Mr. and Mrs. Sonny Adkins, Black Sheep Antiques
Ivy and Frank Alley
Mr. Wayne R. Amos and Mr. Charles A. Hunnicutt
Dr. & Mrs. Thomas Peter Bennett
Ms. Cynthia Birdsall
Ms. Elaine H. Bolton
Mr. and Mrs. Gordon W. Chappell
Ms. Sarah Cowart
Mrs. Mary Hart Darden
Mrs. Cynthia Dolder
Mrs. Krista Dumas
Nelson Eddy
David and Susan Epstein
Mr. & Mrs. Richard D. Gore
Mr. & Mrs. William G. Gray
Dr. and Mrs. Dan Gremillion
Carleton Wood, Hills & Dales Estate
Ms. Teresa Hood
Ms. Alice Hood
Ms. Carol Innes
Paula P. James
Ms. Nori Lee
Monty McInturff
Kathleen and Charles Perilloux
Mr. Harry A. Rissetto
Ms. Stephanie Roesner
Ms. Anne Schneider
Mr. Robert Schofield III
Mr. John Sykes
Mr. Peter Thevenot
Mr. and Mrs. David Treppendahl
Ms. Suzanne L. Turner
Mr. Kenneth Venos
Ms. Marjorie L. White


Ms. Linda Adams
Mr. Thomas Baker
Mrs. James Barganier
Mrs. Emily V. Barrett
Ms. Dale Batchelor
Mr. and Mrs. Amos T. Beason
Margaret Bok, MD
Ms. Jenny Lynn Bradley
Mr. and Mrs. James T. Buckley
Ms. Nancy Bush
Dr. Frances Carter
Mrs. Linda L. Consolvo
Peggy Cornett & Chris Morash
Dr. & Mrs. James T. Coy III
Mr. and Mrs. Cornelius Crusel
Mr. Tom Digges and Ms. Lana Ingram
Mr. Nathan Dittman and Ms. Arianne Wolfe
Ms. Bonnie Dumas
Ms. Ann Erickson
Ms. Cynthia George
Ms. Deborah J. Getter
Mr. Paul M. Gettys
Ms. Marylon Glass
Ms. Jackie Grant
William and Gail Griffin
Ms. Carol Grove
Ms. Barbara Hall
Dr. and Mrs. O. Emerson Ham, Jr.
Ms. Elizabeth R. Hammett
Ms. Amy P. Harley
Mrs. Nathan V. Hendricks III
Mr. John Meffert and Mr. Stephen Cagle
Ms. Susan L. Hitchcock
Mr. and Mrs. Richard D. Holland
Sue P. John
Ms. Celia A. Jones
Patricia Jones
David A. and Jane V. Kidd
Ms. Sarah W. Lake
Mrs. Sand Warren Marmillion
Kay Laurent
Mrs. Ione Coker Lee
Kelly Lee
Jeff Lewis and Karen Gardner
Ms. Patricia Marquardt
Mrs. Tim Metzler
Ms. Catherine Pannell & Mr. Robert Waters
Mr. Peter W. Patout
Mr. Tom Patten
Mr. and Mrs. William R. Pickens
Mr. & Mrs. Eugene M. Rackley III
Ms. Beverly Rivers
Ms. Elizabeth Robinson
Mr. and Mrs. Charles H. Seilheimer, Jr.
Ms. Jean Shanks
Mr. Steve Sirls
Kerry Smith
Mr. Steven R. Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Robert N. St. Jean
Mr. and Mrs. Michael L. Steen
Jamie Stephenson
Ms. Susan Stephenson
Meredith Stewart
Mrs. Judith B. Tankard
Anita and James Tilley
Ms. Susan Urshel & Mr. Paul Schmidt
Ms. Katherine F. Van Allen
Ms. Nancy Walburn
Cecile Wardlaw
Ms. Anna Wasden
Mr. and Mrs. Sidney H. Williams
Mr. J. Keyes Williamson
Mr. and Mrs. A.C. Wilson, Jr.