• Hills & Dales Estate
    LaGrange, Georgia

  • Live Oak Tree
    Jacksonville, Florida

  • Carnton Plantation
    Franklin, Tennessee

  • Bellingrath Gardens and Home
    Theodore, Alabama

  • Elizabeth Lawrence House & Garden
    Charlotte, North Carolina

The Southern Garden History Society is an active membership organization that raises awareness and promotes scholarship of historic gardens, cultural landscapes and horticultural history across the U.S. South. We welcome individuals, families, historic sites, public gardens or organizations interested in southern gardens and landscapes.

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COVID Disbands the Choir
| |

Something happened around the first of May and the fog began to lift as well as my spirit and the entries and their titles in my journal. “Yucca Earns its Name-Bright Edge,” “Spreading Goodness,”  “Small... Read More

Landslide 2020: Women Take the Lead
| |

For years the contributions of American female landscape architects have been recognized, but perhaps never so poignantly as now. During months of lockdown and pandemic-related upheaval, many people across our country have rediscovered the joys... Read More

The Curious Cushaw
| |

The holiday dinner menu was classic American - turkey, cornbread dressing, cranberry sauce, yams, various green vegetables, congealed salad, freshly toasted salted pecans, and the family favorite cushaw made sweet and scrumptious with sugar,... Read More

Peggy Singlemann Receives Award
| |

The Richmond, Virginia-based public media program “Virginia Home Grown” recently received a Silver Telly Award for a unique “Tips from Maymont” segment on pond plants. The … Read More

Magnolia – Summer 2020
| |

Within the pages of the Southern Garden History Society’s lastest publication of Magnolia, you will be delighted to find articles such as: Stratford Hall:  An Early … Read More

Ladies and Lubbers
| |

Another beautiful species of Lycoris to surprise Southern gardeners in late summer is L. squamigera, known as the magic lily or naked lady. Hardy farther north than L. radiata, which was described on this website... Read More

Garden Restoration at Stratford Hall
| |

“In Stratford Hall: An Early Garden Restoration Revisited” Will Rieley, PLA details a project that concluded with returning a significant section of a Colonial Revival garden to a well-informed eighteenth-century configuration. The setting was the Read More

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