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Rosemont Plantation Site Gains Acreage

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The South Carolina Conservation Bank and the Rosemont Preservation Society have announced an expansion of the land area preserved at the site of Rosemont Plantation in Waterloo, SC. The purchase of several parcels near Lake Greenwood brings the total acreage to 133. At its peak, Rosemont Plantation encompassed around 2,000 acres. Dating to 1790, the manor house was described as a two-and-one-half-story, three-bay, frame and weatherboard, Federal-style house set on a brick foundation. Unfortunately, it was destroyed by fire in 1930, although a few brick ruins and footprints of the garden are still visible along with various ornamental trees and shrubs.
Rosemont Marker Facing North
Rosemont was a prosperous upcountry plantation prior to the Civil War but is perhaps best known for family member Ann Pamela Cunningham’s life’s work in saving and restoring Mount Vernon, the home of George Washington. Cunningham began her efforts to raise money and acquire title to Mount Vernon in 1853 with a letter printed in the Charleston Mercury. In the process, she founded the Mount Vernon Ladies’ Association becoming its first regent. The final mortgage payment in late 1859 officially placed Mount Vernon under the stewardship of the association. Cunningham’s interest in Mount Vernon continued until her death in 1875. The Mount Vernon Ladies’ Association continues to preserve and interpret Mount Vernon, a lasting legacy for Ann Pamela Cunningham. The announcement of additional acreage came on the 205th anniversary of her birth.
Doris Taylor and Fay Edge, both members of SGHS, serve as President and Vice President respectively of the Rosemont Preservation Society.  Guests attending the ceremony included the First Lady of South Carolina, Mount Vernon Vice Regents from South Carolina and North Carolina, the CEO of the South Carolina Conservation Bank, and the Director of Horticulture at Mount Vernon along with the Senior Manager of Stewardship and Events.
For additional information about Rosemont Plantation, see the Magnolia article by Christie Snipes here, and the article by Peggy Cornett here.


Photo credit: Doris Taylor, Rosemont Preservation Society
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