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Summer 2023 Magnolia

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Zinnias, Peter Henderson and Co. New York Catalog 1887

The summer issue of Magnolia explores the extraordinary friendship of Caroline Dormon and Elizabeth Lawrence, two legendary Southern garden writers of the early twentieth century. Andrea Sprott, curator of the Elizabeth Lawrence Home & Garden in Charlotte, North Carolina, adapted this article from her beautifully illustrated lecture presented for the SGHS spring annual meeting in Natchitoches. “Zinnias,” by Ken McFarland with an addendum by Randy Harelson, presents a colorful history of this popular summer annual. McFarland also previews the 2024 Wilmington, North Carolina annual meeting in “A Perfect Rage for Gardening.” We introduce the new SGHS administrator, Aimee Moreau, and fondly remember two significant members of the Society: Genevieve Trimble and Frances Parker.


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